About JB Network Design LLC

My name is Jim and I am a System Adminstrator, working in NYC. I currently work full-time for an IT services company providing network, server, desktop, software, and printer support. I started JB Network Design LLC, an IT consulting business, to provide IT solutions and support for homes, non-profits, and SMBs. Some more background information on me:

Work Experience and Education:

2008 – Present: Started JB Network Design LLC

2005 – Present: System Administrator at my current IT Services Provider

2000 – 2005: Network Engineer at a Fortune 500 company

1999 – 2000: Network Engineer/Integration Consultant for an IT Services Provider

1996 – 1999: Network Analyst (NOC) at a Fortune 500 company

1996 - 1998: BS in Electrical Engineering -- MS in Computer Engineering

Technical Expertise:

--- Network:

Cisco/Juniper networks routers and switches ( installation and configuration )

LAN technologies including: Ethernet and Wi-Fi (Access Points)

WAN technologies including: T1 Point-to-Point circuits, Frame Relay, DSL, and Cable

Diagnostic tools including: Sniffer, Ethereal (Wireshark), Fluke, Fireberd

Network documentation including: Basic user manuals, topology diagrams (Visio), subject matter documents

Home network installation and configuration (Routers, Access Points, Wireless Security)

Basic VPN configurations

--- Desktop/Server:

Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems (basic installation and configuration)

VMWare (ESXi 6.0)

Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS, Exchange

Barracuda Networks SPAM Filter Appliance

Desktop security software installations and configurations (AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewalls)

Virus/Spyware Removal

New computer setup/training

Hardware installations/upgrades including memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive installations

HP Laserjet printer Maintenance Kit installations

YSoft/Xerox Implementations