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Home or Home Office

Your Personal Technical Support

  • For the Home user, some problems can be resolved remotely. Other problems or issues require a visit to the user. That is why I provide both On-Site and Off-Site/Remote Support (via TeamViewer).
  • In general, new setups and installations, and Virus removals require an On-Site visit. For these services, the price is generally a fixed rate. For remote support, the rate is $30/hr.
  • In either case, I understand your time is valuable. And even though I like a challenge, if I can’t resolve your issue, you will not be charged.
  • Below is a list of services I provide for the Home user. Click on a service item for more info.
  • Note: Hardware and software purchases are not included in the rates. Hardware installation, maintenance, and repair services will be charged 8.875% (State and Local) Sales Tax.

Computer Setup

I'll help setup your new PC

Price: $69 (min. 1-3 hours)

Malware Removal

I'll help clean your PC

Price: $89 (min. 3-5 hours)

Hardware Upgrade

I'll help you upgrade your PC

Price: $69 (min. 1-2 hours)

Network Install

I'll help install your network gear

Price: $69 (min. 1-3 hours)