Technical support services I provide

Home Office Support

Technology can be a savior or a burden. It can make things easy or make life frustrating. Whether it’s your PC acting up, you need to network your computers, or you need help understanding how to upload and share your photos, I’m here to help. Although every situation can be unique, I typically charge a flat-rate per issue.
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Small Business Support

Did your only IT support technician quit? Need help with your network? Need free, open source solutions? Need basic help setting up your website or blog? Can't afford a full-time IT staff? Need extra hands for doing a hardware install? I’m here to help! I typically charge an hourly rate and prices are negotiable.
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Non-Profit Support

Same technology problems but not the same IT budget. There’s no cost to contact me. I currently work full-time during the day, so any work that you need done will have to be done at night or, preferably, on a weekend.I typically charge 25-50% less for non-profit organizations and prices are negotiable.