Small Office or Non-Profit

Your Personal Technical Support

A full time IT staff may be cost prohibitive. I can help in times of need.

Whether it’s when you’re first setting up, or need to expand and upgrade, or you’re experiencing some network issues, I can help. Contact me for an on-site visit, where we can discuss your issues and requirements. I understand your time is valuable. And even though I like a challenge, if I can’t resolve your issue in a reasonable amount of time, you will not be charged.

Below is a list of services I provide for the SMB and Non-profit. Click on a service item for more info.

Note: Hardware and software purchases are not included in the rates. Hardware installation, maintenance, and repair services will be charged 8.875% (State and Local) Sales Tax. Non-profits are usually charged at a 25-50% discounted rate.

Network Design

I'll help you setup your network


I'll fix your network response issues

Basic Website

I'll get your website up and running

Open Source

Free or low-cost alternatives

Extra Hands

I'll help with the heavy lifting